Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Oh so Sweet Pitter Patter of the Heart...

     Today I had the pleasure of going with a sweet friend for her first ultrasound.  It was amazing, a  little back ground information on my friend, she has twin foster children that are eighteen months old, an eight month old daughter, and just found out she is expecting again.  The neat part of the story is, she had no idea how far along she was because she was nursing her baby and so she really had no idea she was expecting again until not too long ago.  I was honored when she asked me to go with her to her first doctor's appointment today.  Her parents couldn't go and her husband couldn't get off work so she asked me to come along.  We had a bet going on how far along she was and I won the bet.  She is eleven weeks, one day and has one active little baby bouncing around.  I wondered how I would feel about watching another ultrasound, especially at the same doctors complex that I went to, but it was wonderful.  I cringed a small bit when we pulled in the parking lot.  After all, that was the same lot that I had visited for five months, while I was carrying my little monkey's in my tummy. As the we begin to hear the little pitter patter of a heart beat I smiled with joy.  What an amazing sound.   As I sat and held her sweet baby girl, I watched this new life bounce around in her tummy.  God is so good. My sweet friend is so deserving of this little baby.  She has endured two miscarriages and then decided to do foster care and three months after she received her twin boys, she found out she was expecting again.  This would be her third pregnancy and it was a precious little girl.  God knew the desires of her heart and blessed her three times in a year.  Her boys are amazing and she is going through the process of adoption very soon.  I hope to be half the parent that my dear friend is. God is definitely working in her and her husband's lives.  They are such a precious family.  My friends name is Lucy, and if you could please keep her in your prayers as she moves along in her pregnancy.  God has placed so many new friends in my life and I am so happy to have them to lean on. 

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