Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mrs. Betsy, don't you have two boys?

   I had the joy of subbing today at a wonderful school.  I have subbed at this school for over a year now and love it.  While I was pregnant my subbing days were few and far between due to being on bed rest and constant sickness.  I love the kiddos at this school and the teacher's also.  After having the babies I didn't get many calls to sub, due to the teachers being worried about bothering me after after having the boys.  Anyway I knew I would be bombarded with questions, of how the babies were doing and what were their names etc.  Since I had subbed up to the 14th week of pregnancy.  All of the kids knew I was having twin boys.
   The day started off well.  No one really asked about them.  A few sweet people told me they were praying for Trent and I and just let me know we were in their thoughts.  I should’ve known it would be the younger kids who would have the most questions.  When it came time for me to have 3rd grade, one sweet little girl shouted, Mrs. Betsy, don't you have two boys?  Even though I should have been prepared, I wasn't.  How was I supposed to answer this nine year old child without going into too much detail but also without letting on that the boys were still here with me?  I simply answered, Yes, I did.  Then the next question came, well how old are your boys now Mrs. Betsy?  This really caught me off guard, so instead of saying they are in Heaven or they are three months old, I simply answered, they were born in November.  This was the truth.  They were indeed born in November, rather they stayed here with me or not.  Her last question was an easy one.  Mrs. Betsy what did you name your boys?  Easton and Parker I said.  With that, she shouted across the breeze way, "See, I told you Mrs. Betsy had two boys, and they were twins."  My heart melted.  What childlike innocence.  All we want is for people to remember "our boys" and how very special they were to us.  Sure the pain will get easier and we can't dwell on them twenty four hours a day but we will never forget them.  I feel like I have the same feelings as a parent whose child is here in earth.  They want to show their baby off and all I have of my babies are their sweet foot prints to show, and let me tell you, I do.  I feel like this is the one thing that I have left of them.  Today I was also asked by a teacher, who meant no harm at all, did I have to bury the boys.  I responded with yes we did.  This person then went on to ask me were the babies really big enough to look like a real babies.  This was when I pulled out my cell phone and showed him a picture of Easton's feet.  I didn't know how to answer and the picture said all that it needed too, yes they were.  He was speechless when he saw my baby's perfect feet.


  1. I wouldn't know how to have responded either. You did very well.Big hugs to you. ANd what beautiful little feet your boys have.