Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have the BEST Friends.....

     So, like I said I'm focusing on my future and trying not to dwell on the past.  So even though today has been five whole months since I had Easton and Parker, that is not what this post is about.  I know you are probably glad to hear this....Anyway I am so ready to head to North La. for Easter.  I have had a great week subbing 5th grade and am ready to have cupcakes, brownies, and goodies with the kiddos tomorrow for their Easter party.  After school tomorrow we are heading in and staying the weekend with our parents.  On Friday my best friend Lindsay and I are going to shop for her Easter dress and having lunch.  I don't know who you consider your best friend but I have to say that I am pretty blessed to have this sweet girl in my life.  We met in college and it's like we have known each other for a decade.  I believe we were freshman or sophomores when we met and have been best buds ever since.  We are more like sisters...Lindsay has one younger brother but no sisters and I, on the other hand have three sisters but am old enough to be their mother.  Having Lindsay has been a God send and I am lucky to know this girl.  With this said, In 2009 she was my maid of honor in my wedding and after that I didn't see her again until mid 2010.  It was almost a year from the time I got married until we were even able to have lunch.  You see, we now live three and a half hours from our home town and Lindsay lives and hour and a half further than that.  So we have a good five hours between us.  To some, this may not sound like a great relationship but in all honesty it's kind of weird how we catch up after so long apart.  Around the time I found out I was pregnant we began to get together more often.  She was with me when I went to tell my grandmother and my aunt who practically helped raise me, that I was expecting.  Since last summer, we have been able to get together more often, at least once every few months.  She has the most precious two year old who calls me "Boo boo" although I have no idea why but I love it anyway.  I guess Betsy is just too hard to say.  I hope you are all so lucky to had a friend like this in your lives...
    I have also been blessed with a wonderful sister in law/friend who I love dearly.  Melissa and I have been friends since she was 13 and I was 15 and she is marrying Trent's brother Jake.  Awesome, right?  I once heard it said, "often your sister in law will become your best friend, but it's not often that your best friend becomes your sister in law.  This is so true.  Mel and I were friends before we were either one dating Trent or Jake.  I have been with Trent for eight years now and Mel is six months to the day behind us.   She and Jake have been together seven and a half years.  I remember a time when it was just she and I.  We both promised we would never let guys come between us.  Look at us now, not only are we great friends, but she is my sister.  I'll never forget them times we sat together at my old house and talked about Trent and Jake and rather we would be able to make our relationships last.  Here we are, eight years later still with the same boys and loving them more each day.  It is amazing to know that she will be my children's Aunt.  They will love her so much.  I know I said this wasn't about Easton and Parker, and it's not but when we lost them, Mel got to the hospital around 5:00a.m. and climbed in the hospital bed with me and weeped.  She loved our boys and watching her hold them, I knew they had her heart already.
   Not only do I have Lindsay and Mel but I also have Sandy and Tori.  Tori is Trent's cousin and we cheered together in high school.  She and Sandy are really the closest friends that I came away from HS with.  We cheered together in HS and I remember Tori being quite the "Snob".  Sorry Tori.  She used to call me "Jr. High" and wanted nothing to do with me.  This was odd to me since we were both Varsity cheerleaders at the time.  Anyway, with Tori being in the family I was bound and determined to become her friend.  Afterall, I always thought she was cool in HS.  I just never led on that I did.  Now she is my family also and we talk every day sometimes two to three times a day.  In college I "lived" with Tori for a bit.  This is kind of a running joke because Trent also lived with Tori.  You see, my house burned down when I was in college and I had just moved out of another friends house and had no where to go.  This is when Tori and I became so close.  We spent many days jogging together and spying on Trent....LOL..I won't go into detail.  Needless to say, she is stuck with me for good, as she is now my cousin also.
     Back to Sandy,  this girl is a once in a lifetime friend.  In high school we always attended the same sleepovers and hung out with the same seven girls but were never really close.  I remember her calling me some not so nice names at one point but was never really offended because that was just Sandy.  After high school we went to different colleges and some how never talked.  I don't exactly remember when we got back to talking but it happened a few years ago.  Sandy and I became very close before her wedding in 2008 and we both went on to be bridesmaids in each others wedding.  Since then, she has had one precious little boy and been there for me as I had my boys.  I look forward to many years with this girl by my side just as I do with Lindsay, Tori and Melissa also.  I want to raise my kids with these girls right by my side.  I am so blessed and can't imagine being with out these four....
   Along the way, God thought I needed another Best bud and here came April.  I have mentioned April in other blog's so I am sure you know who I am talking about.  Not only is April a great friend, but she is a babylost mama also.  At the beginning of this year, she lost her first pregnancy with little to no warning.  I called myself being kind and sent her a scripture and the rest is history...For the last few months, we have been talking almost daily and have hung out a few times.  She is precious and understands better than anyone what I am going through.  We both want the same things for each other.  I so want her be a mommy and she wants the same for me!  I feel like I have known her for years and it's only been a few months.  God knew I needed her and there she was.
      And don't let me forget Sunny Rae.  Mine and Trent's best guy friend Drew is married to Sunny.  She moved from the Baton Rouge area when they got married and we have gotten closer through the last few years.  With Trent and Drew being like brothers, Sunny and I get lots of time together on the weekends when we are back home and not too busy.  Sunny and I enjoy our "girl" time together, riding four wheelers and just being country girls.  We know how to keep entertained while our boys are out hunting.  I have to say that Sunny is my "Fave" cooking partner. We have tons of fun cooking and you can bet any time that we are together, we are trying to cook breakfast, supper, or cakes.  Although we are not pro's at cake icing that is for sure but we are pretty great at Just Dance.....Take my word for it!

    These girls all hold a different and special places in my heart. Some are now family and the others I consider  my family.  It's amazing how great our God is and how he knew just the type of friends that I needed.  I give him all the praise.

If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!"
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Lindsay and I on my BIG announcement day...

Sandy and I at her baby shower!

Sweet April and I!  Love this girlie!

Precious friend!

The Maid of Honor and I!

Sweet friends...

Sister in Law Mel and I

Cousin Tori and I!

Beautiful friends!

hunting girls!

My family friends!

April and I! Isn't she a doll?

Day in Jacksonville Florida!

Sunny Rae
Day at the Catfish Festival!

Dallas Vacation!


  1. Those are great pics especially the one of us n the doves haha that was a fun night! I am also so blessed to have you as my sister/best friend and love knowing we have each others backs no matter what! I do have to say we are pretty good at complaining to each other lol. I do have to agree you have been blessed with great friends! Love you so very much and can't wait to share some of the most special moments of mine n jakes and your n trents lives. BFFT2SG!

  2. Love you So very much! Yes, we are great complainers to each other! But hey, what are friend/sisters for! BFFT2SG!