Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

    This Easter has been bitter sweet, obviously.  It began Sunday morning when the violinist played Amazing Grace.  This was the song played at the babies funeral except, instead of a violin it was played on a harmonica.  Let me tell you, our entire family lost it.  I could hardly take communion due to sobbing the entire time.  We made it home from church, had lunch and then went to the cemetery.  Mom made the boys an arrangement and took it to the cemetery last week.  Trent and I went with his family and took two crosses that glow in the dark.  They were beautiful.  I have some pictures to post below of their pretty flowers.  We don't yet have a head stone, as we are trying to work up the nerves to pick one out.  One thing I am very happy about, is that our boys are buried in the most peaceful cemetery that I have ever been to.  Besides their Great Grandfather and a few others, no one has been buried there since the 1800's.  There are lots of little babies and children buried out there and the head stones are so old, weathered, and beautiful.  Well as beautiful as a headstone can be.  There are a couple of families out there who lost between four and six children within a years time.  This all happened back in the 1800's, like I said so most likely some type of disease took them all.  It is sad but at the same time, I realize how fortunate Trent and I are to live in a time where there are cures for diseases and sickness. Hopefully we will never lose another child, much less five or six more.  Anyway here are some pictures of our time visiting Easton and Parker.  I'll leave you with some extra pictures of just how beautiful the cemetery really is. 

Like I mentioned in my last post, I got to hang out with some friends this weekend and had a great time.  Lindsay, Melissa, and I spent Friday together, just shopping and having girls day.  I have some pics of our day below also.

Right beside Papaw Billy.

Melissa and I!

Lindsay and I!

Trenton and I.

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  1. What a peaceful cemetery! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing. and also Thank you for joining my blog as well! hugs Toni