Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16. 2011

    Trent and I are having a great weekend...We went to the movies today to see Arthur.  It was pretty funny.  Then Trent decided we needed a new grill because ours broke last weekend so, he said he needed one now!  Although, he does make the BEST barbecue chicken so I was glad to get one today also.  The weather is perfect today in South Louisiana, so we decided to do some yard work and bathe Charlee, which is always a task.  I don't know about you guys but I love to mow.  There's just something about a beautiful sunny day on the mower that I enjoy.  In case you're wondering, Trent doesn't make me mow, I choose too.  I've always enjoyed it, well at least since we've had a riding lawn mower that is.  Push mowing is a man's job!  As far as bathing Charlee, lets just say she may still be covered in suds.  It's not her favorite.  Well I better be going because Trent and I are going to our favorite restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings to eat.  We LOVE their garlic Parmesan wings! Yummy!

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