Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17,2011 = Due Date and MOVING ON....

     Today was our due date......I am not crying, angry, or having a bad day.  It's going pretty well actually. Trent and I are so blessed.  Like I've said numerous times before, God has been so good to us.  We don't sit around sad all of the time, nor do we talk about the boys every second of every day.  It may seem crazy to some but we sometimes go days without mentioning them.  I know this blog is not a good indicator of this but my goal was to use this space to tell about Easton and Parker.  I talk about them alot more on here than I do in my everyday life.  My family and I talk about them a lot more than we share but we know we have to move forward and not mention them in every conversation.  With that being said, you all know the story and I am doing my best to find other topics to talk about.  Although the pain is at times unbearable, we are happy and thriving.  There's not a weekend that goes by that we aren't hanging out with a group of friends, spending the day together at the movies, or hanging out with our family back home.  So here's to the last nine months of sadness, grief, heartache, and at times sheer joy.  I'M MOVING ON......There may be a few more days between post's as I try to find more topics to talk about.  I hope you continue to follow, although I can't promise I won't bore you.  I look forward to the happy days ahead. 

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