Thursday, November 3, 2011

Negative FFN... Praise Jesus

  We got our second negative FFN yesterday.  We were thrilled.  It is safe to say, Canon shouldn't be here for at least three more weeks, which will put us at 30 weeks.  This weekend my mom and mother in law are coming to visit me and take me to register.  I am very excited but also very nervous about going into the third trimester.  This baby is coming, ready or not.  I am very nervous for some reason to be a mom. Even though I already had Easton and Parker, it's not the child birth that scares me, but the fact that
I will raise this child forever.  I wonder if it is normal to get so nervous.  Anyway, we see the specialist again on Monday and I will hopefully have a new picture of him and some new information.  Still praying for a healthy, full term baby...

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