Monday, November 14, 2011

Glucose Test. 28 weeks, 2 days

  I got to drink that lovely orange drink today and sit an hour while my child had a dance party in my tummy.  He obviously enjoyed it way more than his mommy.  I'm sure people stared at me as I held my side because of his constant kick boxing. I am guessing that I will get my results tomorrow when I see Dr. G.  We are praying and hoping that we passed with flying colors.
  This past weekend Trent went back to North La. to hunt and visit his parents and my mom, grandma, and aunt came to visit.  We spent the weekend talking, laughing and cooking yummy food.  My mom and aunt washed all of Canon's little clothes and hung them in his closet.  Is it bad that he has more clothes than Trent and I put together?  I love all of the blue.  I guess it's good that I am having a boy because pink is not a favorite color of mine.  I was telling my mom that if we ever have a girl, that her room will have to be painted yellow, green, or purple but not pink.  Maybe this is a sign...That and the fact that I have had three boys already.  I may just be made to have boys.  I know that God has a plan and he knows the number and gender of all of our future babies.  To be honest, I'd be happy with three boys if that's the plan.  What is hard to imagine is that if Trent and I have two more babies, and they are also boy's, that including Easton and Parker, we will have had five boys.  What are the chances? LOL! How amazing that would be!
  We see the Peri again on November 28th and I can't wait to see how big Canon is getting.  It feels like he weighs ten pounds already instead of three.
  This coming Sunday, the 20th will be a year since I had Easton and Parker.  I have to say that day has scarred me forever and I pray that this child birth will be different in every way.  When I hear a person say that they hope their water just breaks and they go into labor, I cringe.  This is my biggest fear.  When my water broke last time, I was in full blown labor and had birthed two babies within an hour.   I don't want my water to break.  I want to make it to the hospital and have perfectly normal labor and if the Dr. has to break my water to start labor, then so be it.  The fear overwhelms my husband and I.  It is heartbreaking that when he leaves me for even a day that he is terrified that I will go into labor and he won't be here to get me to the hospital.  He reminds me before every appt. to ask my doctor should we call an ambulance or rush to the hospital if something happens.  I hurt for him...We hurt for each other.  Being pregnant will never again be innocent and without constant worry for us both.  I pray that after this pregnancy and a healthy baby to hold at the end, that we will view our next one in a different way and be less scared and obsessive about every small pain.  Great days are ahead and we can't wait to look sweet Canon in the eyes. 

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