Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Easton and Parker!

Has it really been a year? Where has the time gone?  Last November the 20th was the most memorable day of my life and also the most devastating.  When I look back on my life I never would have imagined that I would find out I was having twins, much less identicals.  We were ready to meet our baby boys but not ready for the complications and heart break to come.  Our entire family was deeply hurt by the loss of our sweet boys and all of our hearts are still weaving our way through the process of mending.  Seeing Easton and Parker for the first times was amazing to say the least and we yearned to see the rise and fall of their little chest's as they took their first few breathes.  There was nothing though, no rising and falling, just two tiny, beautiful, lifeless little boys. They were perfect!  Their little hands and feet and tiny noses and lips.  It is true a mom does always think her children are the most beautiful and special.  As I sit here and write this, their little brother Canon, is kicking and letting me know that he is so very healthy and growing as he should be.  I always prayed that Trent and I would have another baby on the way by the time this November came around.  I wanted something to be thankful for and something to brighten this sad day.  We sure got the answer to our prayers because in two short months, if not before, we will welcome sweet baby Canon.  I can't wait to hold him and kiss him and let him know how very loved he is.  We are so blessed!  Praise be to God.  Happy birthday mama's sweet baby boys. 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  Matthew 19:14


  1. Happy Birthday Easton and Parker!

    God is soo good to have given you another baby blessing in your life to make this day not so rough. Prayers for you all today!


  2. Happy Angelversary Easton and Parker!

    Prayers for you and your hubby as your await the arrival of Canon. Many prayers for a healthy and safe delivery.