Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi Friends!

This is my Valentine, and my world!

Our two Valentines, Easton and Parker.  Mommy and Daddy sure miss them!

     I know I have some updating to do but Trent and I have been busy getting ready for our trip to Florida.  He had a class to take for work, so we are on somewhat of a vacation.  After an almost ten hour drive last night we finally made it!  I'll try to update soon!  Happy Valentines day!


  1. Have fun in FL. What area are you going too?

  2. I am in Tallahassee. We are here for a class that my husband is taking for work. Not really sure what I will do while he is in class but I am navigating my self around with the GPS. My sense of direction is not the best so it should be interesting!