Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet Words from A Sweet Friend...

Today I received an unexpected card in the mail and this is what it said...

A Mother's Day Wish

Although it did bring tears to my eyes, it also made me smile that I have made such great friends over the past few months.  April is so precious and has been a great friend that I can talk to about anything.  I am not sure if you have read my past blogs but she too lost her first pregnancy at the beginning of this year.  We have learned alot together and have learned to run to each other when we are down about our "situation". I thank God for giving me great girl friends to lean on during such a tough season in my life.  This coming week will prove to be hard on me but I will make it, we will make it.  I not only have Mother's Day coming up but also the March of Dimes this weekend.  With God, Trent, and my family on my side I will be a stronger person and mother in the future.


  1. What beautiful words... for such a hard day. Love always xoxo

  2. Awesome to have such a thoughtful friend! Happy early Mother's Day from me too!