Monday, May 9, 2011

My weekend, Mother's Day-March of Dimes!

    This weekend as I said in my previous post, was AMAZING.  As a mother you always want your babies to be recognized and remembered.  I felt just that on Saturday.  I had previously said I was opposed to speaking but was kind of lured into it.  I have to say, it was great to tell about the boys but to tell the ending of our story is somewhat difficult.  Trent and I had many friends and family come out and support us as we walked in memory and in honor of many babies across the nation.  It is overwhelming how many families are affected by prematurity.  I was so happy to have our friends and family with us. 
 As I stood to tell our story, I felt an urge to tell my friend Lucy's story.  There were many families there that had babies born at three and four pounds but none as small as my dear friend Lucy's baby boys.  Let me tell you a little about them.  Her sweet boys were born at just one pound three ounces and one pound two ounces.  They truly had to fight to survive and at four months old they were released from the hospital weighing just four pounds each.  What is truly amazing about sweet Lucy is that these are not her biological children.  Lucy and her husband Mark chose to foster these sweet boys when their lives were so fragile.  That's true love to me.  Right after the boys were born, Lucy was contacted about the babies and she was willing and excited to take on the challenge of raising such small babies with possible special needs.  Marcus, the larger baby of the two, was actually said to have died almost eight times.  Lucy and her husband Mark were on the biggest and bumpiest roller coaster of their lives, as they watched this micro-preemie baby quit breathing time after time.  The boys are now almost two years old and are continuing to thrive and push through their sickness and special needs.  Marcus is quite advanced but is sick more often that not and Jay is yet to crawl or walk.  These babies are so lucky to have Mark and Lucy and I know she would say she is SO blessed to have them.  They are her life and she is a wonderful mother.   I can truly see God shine in her life.  Lucy and Mark chose to foster these babies after suffering from two miscarriages and thoughts that they may never have their own children.  Just three short months after accepting the twins, Lucy found out she was expecting.  Lucy now not only has the twins that will be two in a month but also has a ten month old daughter, and is five months along with her fourth baby. She has devoted her life to her children and has been blessed in many ways.  God knew what he was doing when he gave Lucy all four of her children. I will post a few pictures of them so you can see just how sweet they are.
  Not only was this weekend the MOD but as you all know it was Mother's Day.  I did spend a little bit of time thinking about how I should have two, two month old babies with me at church but this was not the case.  I made it through the day and was quite happy.  Trent let me pick out the most beautiful bench to put at the cemetery and I was so touched that he thought of this. God blessed me with a husband that loves me unconditionally and always lets me know how loved I am.  We will be blessed with more children (hopefully by next mother's day) and they will be perfect.  How could we not? We long to be parents and hope to have three, four, or maybe five of our own.  Our prayers are that God will bless us with the number of children that he sees fit and that we will glorify him in all that we do.   We pray for our children who are not yet here because when they do come, we want them to be annointed with prayer.  I hope you all had a happy mother's day.  Thanks for following me on this journey.  I'll leave you with some pics now, hope you enjoy them.

Remembering Easton and Parker!

Marcus-born at just 1 pound 3 ounces, 11 1/2 inches long.

Jay- 1 pound 2 ounces, 11 1/2 inches long

Trent, Jake, my step mother, mother in law, and father in law.

Cousin Jen who designed our awesome shirts!

Lucy, Mark, her daughter Halla, and twins Jay and Marcus! and my sweet husband!

Mother's Day gift from my precious mom!
Love my mom!

Mother's Day gift from Trent and my sweet mother in law!

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