Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Then there were TWO!

6 weeks, 1 day

7 weeks, 1 day!

May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us.    Selah  (Psalm 67)

     August 24, 2010 was my first appointment with my baby Dr.  I had heard many great things about the wonderful lady who would take care of me and my precious baby over the next five months of my pregnancy.  Trent and I were so excited to hear the little heartbeat and to see our miracle baby.  We had been through so much in the last few weeks and prayed so very much over this sweet baby that we were now so anxious to see it.  Needless to say we had to wait almost an hour to see the Dr. and our nerves were getting the best of us.  Finally the sweet nurse (who I will refer to as K) rounded the corner and said we were ready to have our ultrasound.  My first ultrasound was with nurse K instead of my Dr. because at this point my pregnancy was considered low risk.  Trent and I entered the ultrasound room for the first time filled with anxiety, fear, happiness etc.  Nurse K left us alone for a few minutes before the ultrasound and we took time to pray over this precious baby.  We prayed for health, happiness, and for this baby to know and be a follower of God as we raised it in this crazy world.
     The time had come.  Nurse K was back and ready to perform the ultrasound.  Before she even finished covering my stomach with the cold jelly, that I would soon become accustomed to, I was already asking questions.  The first thing that came out of my mouth was can you please turn the screen this way so I can see the baby?  The next question was, how long will it take to get a heartbeat?  I guess you could say I was just a nervous first time mother.  Now that the ultrasound was under way I kept a constant watch on nurse K's face to make sure everything was ok.  It was then that she furrowed her eye brows and gave me a look of concern.  I was terrified.  I immediately asked "is it's heart not beating?"  "is everything ok?  This is when I was given the news that would rock our world for the next five months.  "There's not one, but TWO"  she said.  I began to cry and could no longer look at the two little beans that were bouncing around the screen.  I remember Trent saying "Oh God, how are we going to do this?"  "What are we going to do?"  I just held his hand and reassured him that we would be fine, although I was so unprepared to be a mother of twins.  This is the point, in just five minutes that would mark me as a high risk pregnancy.  Of course, we now had to wait and let my Dr. come look at the babies to make sure we were good to go.
    I kept thinking, we can do this.  I have no idea how but we will.  I guess I should have been prepared.  After all, mine and Trent's family had joked that we would probably be the ones to end up with twins.  As our appointment drew to an end, my Dr. (Dr. G) said everything looked good and baby "A" had a heartbeat of 120 and baby "B" was at 109.  Baby "B" needed to speed up a bit she said but over all looked perfect. "Don't be concerned she said, but there doesn't seem to be a line between them but it may be to early to see it".  To me this just meant they may be identical.  This was normal right?  She then explained that if the babies were in the same sac, which they seemed to be, and if there was no line, then we could be in for trouble.  We would be classified as a Mo-Mo pregnancy.  She wouldn't give me the details at this point but wanted us to wait to see the specialist to find out for sure.  At this point I wasn't very concerned because I hadn't researched Mo-Mo twins and had no clue the problems that came with them. 
     After the ultrasound Trent and I were congratulated by all of the nurses in the office.  They all seemed so happy for us and we were happy too.  We were just a little more scared than happy!  As we got our next appt. set up and left, we began to call our parents.  We put them on speaker phone so we could both hear their reactions.  I'll never forget Trent's mom when he told her.  I remember his exact words.  "Mom remember when we used to joke and say that I would probably be sent away for my job?"  Yes, she said.  "Remember when we all joked and said we would probably be the ones to have twins?"  She then began to shout with excitement and shock.  I just remember her saying "I'm going to be sick.  It was definitely a memorable moment. When I called my mom she yelled so loud that everyone in the bank heard her.  They started coming in her office to see what the BIG news was.  We were all so happy.  My dad had a wonderful reaction too, although I can't exactly put what he said on here.  As it probably wouldn't be appropriate!  After his initial shock, his first words were, it's going to be two boys.  I said dad there's now way (if you know my dad then you know he has four daughters) because out of all 15 grandchildren, there are two boys.  The same is true on Trent's side of the family.  He and his brother Jake were the only two boys until their little cousin was born a few years ago.  We thought we were now on the right track and would hopefully have no more scares.  That was until 24 hours later...I began to bleed again.  This time was worse.  I called Trent at work and told him I was going to the emergency room to be checked.  He met me there and as I cried he was there by my side as we waited to see the ER Dr.  The news we received was wonderful.  Baby "A"  had a heartbeat of 118 and baby "B" had sped up to 120.  This was exactly what Dr. G said needed to happen.  Our prayers were once again answered.  My HCG levels had also gone from 35,000 to 48,000 which meant we were not in danger for a miscarriage at this point.  We continued to thank God for our babies and for blessing us with two.  Even though this was not our plan, it was His. 

    I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.  I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.  (Psalm 9)


  1. Betsy,

    This teared me up, honey! Thanks for posting this. My heart goes out to ya'll! Love you both bunches!

  2. That was such great news to find out on my birthday! I will always remember that day! Love you!

  3. Thanks girls! Melissa I will never forget it either! I so didn't want to over shadow your b-day! Although I knew you were thrilled!

    Kristi- Thanks for reading! I appreciate it bunches!