Monday, January 10, 2011

Lots of News (Part 2)

When I arrived at Trent's office, my heart was racing.  I had always wanted to think of some way to tell Trent that we could always remember.  That really wasn't the case.  I ran in his office and shut the door behind me.  He had this look on his face that I will never forget.  Wondering why I was so out of breath and crying he got concerned but didn't ask any questions.  I couldn't hold the news in any longer.  "Were having a baby" I said and the first words that came to his mouth were, "see I told you it wouldn't take long, you had no reason to worry". 
     You may think the next person I would call would be my mom but she actually accidently found out before Trent.  This was never my intentions.  She just always happens to call at the right time.  When I answered the phone when my mom called I had just pushed the end button to end my call with the Dr.s office.  How was I supposed to keep this from her now?  I was crying like a baby and she would think I was deathly ill if I didn't tell her the truth.  When I answered the phone she heard my crys and said "are you ok" all I could say was "I'm pregnant mom"  and I have to get to Trent as fast as I can.  Needless to say she cried, and went on tell me that she was calling to tell me she had a dream the night before that I went back to the Dr. and they told me I was pregnant.  Call it crazy or a mothers intuition.  She just always seems to know whats going on.
     In the meantime Trent told me he would call his mom as soon as he got a chance, so I had to keep it a secret from her until her called to tell me she knew.  About an hour later Bren (my mother in law) called me.  I had no idea that she knew yet, so I just kept it to myself, making up excuses of needing to get off of the phone to take Trent his lunch.  If you know me very well then you know, when I have something exciting to tell it's hard for me to keep quite.  I can't help it. It's just my personality.  I ended the call with her and called Trent, who then started laughing.  The joke was on me.  She knew already and was trying to see if I could keep it from her.....

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