Monday, October 3, 2011

Everything is Looking Up...

We were able to see the specialist today due to some scary pains I was having in my lower stomach and we got great news.  My cervix looks great and is not funneling or opening.  We will go back in two weeks and will be checked again.  I will keep taking the Procardia until my Dr thinks it is safe to stop, which could be a while.  The side effects have gotten less and less and the most that happens now is I become very hot and have trouble sleeping after I've taken a pill.  I can deal with that though.  My regular Dr did a Fetal Fibronectan test today but the specialist advised me not to take it to the  hospital to gets results because he said at this point in my pregnancy there is a high chance of a false positive.  The way this test works is to predict if labor is eminent in the next three weeks.  We agreed with him that if it did indeed come back positive that I may have a heart attack, so we took his advice and chunked it in the garbage.  Like I said, I will go back in two weeks and we will go from there.  Thanks for the prayers and kindness.  We have been on pins and needles to say the least.  I just want my baby to be healthy and full term.

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