Saturday, July 30, 2011

13 Weeks and a few pics...

  Here are a few pics that I took at twelve weeks.  Yes, I know I am growing very fast with this baby but the doctor says it is very normal because of muscle memory.  Only two more weeks until we find out what the specialist has to say and possibly find out what were having.  We are so excited and amazed by the miracle of pregnancy.  I would have cherished and loved Easton and Parker with my entire being but after losing them I realize how quickly things can change.  Trent and I are so in love with our little one already and are so appreciative to God for our miracle. I can't believe I am going to be a mother of three.  Did I tell you our names yet?  I can't remember if I did but our girl's name is Maryn Georgia and our boy name is Harper Trenton.  We would call a little girl Georgia.  Mary is my grandmother's name and Georgia is Trent's grandmother's name so we decided to name a little girl after them.  Of course Harper Trenton would be named after his daddy, Trent.

12 weeks!

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  1. Such a cute cute belly bump! Can't wait to hear how the specialist appointment goes!