Monday, July 25, 2011

12 weeks 2 days

  Baby is still doing well. I had some pics to upload from the ultrasound but I am at a friend's house and I forget them at my house.  I am for sure starting to show now and at night my stomach swells so big that I am sure I look four months pregnant.  I have only gained three pounds so I am not sure why I am growing so quickly.  I will try soon to update the ultrasound pics of our sweet baby and I have a few tummy shot's also. This pregnancy seems to be flying by which makes me very happy but to think I have 27 weeks left to make it to 40 weeks is kind of nerve wracking. I am sure this pregnancy will be just fine and I know the specialist will prove this to us on the 15th.  Please keep the prayers coming, we greatly appreciate them!

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