Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random thoughts!

  This week has gone by pretty fast to me!  Saturday will mark nine weeks and I am so glad to be close to the end of the first trimester.  Although, I am not sure if the morning/ day/ night sickness will ever leave.  Please don't take this as complaining because I am so very thankful for this pregnancy but this nausea and vomiting is doing a job on me.  It's always way worse at night for some reason.  Right when my head hits the pillow my body besides it's time to throw up again.  It's kind of bizarre.  I don't know if it's because I am laying flat and maybe that could be the problem or what.  One good thing about being sick, if there is a good thing is that I know my baby is growing strong.  My doctor told me last time that the more I throw up the better.  While I thought she was nuts I was throwing up 15-20 times a day so in my mind my babies should have been extra healthy/strong.  This pregnancy brings a lot more constant nausea than vomiting so I don't know if that's the difference in twins or if this one is possibly a girl.  My thoughts are on girl...I think.  Although I feel like my odds are better to have a boy, since I've already had two.  As long as this boy/girl is healthy I don't care what it is.  We have decided on names already and I can't wait to see what our sweet baby will be, to put a name with the face.  I can't begin to imagine what he/she will look like because Easton and Parker were polar opposites.  Parker looked so much like Trent and Easton had my features.  Their noses, mouths, cheeks, eye brows, toes etc. were so different from each other.  So, my thought is will this baby look like Easton or Parker or maybe nothing like either of them.  I know, I know I have so many thoughts about random things.


  1. Yea for feeling sick! I always *felt better* when I was sick. I just knew that it meant the baby was doing great! I do hope that it eases up for you as the next couple of weeks go by and you get closer to the 2nd trimester.

    Lots of Love xoxox

  2. Congrats on having a healthy pregnancy, Y'all are still in my prayers!