Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Huge Scare

Sunday night was pretty rough for my husband, Canon, and I.  During bath time Canon quit breathing and his little face turned blue.  He quickly began breathing again as soon as we wrapped him in a towl.  We went to the Er in our home town and were sent by ambulance to another hospital.  A sleep study was done on him and we found out that he suffers from pretty severe apnea.  We are still in the hospital waiting on an apnea monitor from a medical supply store so that we can be sent home.  Also the dr started him back on caffeine which he will be on for a few weeks until the apnea has stopped.  We were told he should outgrow it within a few months.  Praise God that he is doing better.  In a few minutes he will be having an upper GI done due to severe reflux, so please pray that it is clear and show's no problems. We would appreciate the continued prayers, as will be heading home soon.


  1. He is such a beautiful baby :) I will continue thinking of your family and sending prayers.

  2. Poor little Canon. I hope they give you something to help his reflux and he outgrows the apnea quickly. What a scary situation.

  3. How incredibly scary! I'll continue praying that he thrives, and that everything clears up quickly. He is so cute!