Friday, January 6, 2012

Good News...

   It has been a rough stay for Canon in the NICU.  Right now he is doing much better and after not being able to be fed for the past four days due to stomach issues, he was finally able to start eating again today.  They are letting me feed him twice a day and hold him again.  He has been on caffeine to keep him from having apnea spells and they stopped it today.  We have to stay at least five more days to get a reading to make sure it is out of his system and that he has no more trouble with his breathing.  The antibiotics will be finished on Monday and he will be moved to an open isolette and will finally be able to wear sweet little clothes.  Hopefully the IV in his foot will last until his last dose of meds on Monday because his veins are terrible.  Two different nurses and the NICU Dr. tried putting in a PICC line to keep him from being stuck over and over but they couldn't get it in due to his veins being so bad.  His little hands, feet, arms, and head are bruised terribly from being stuck so many times a day.  I know it could be much worse and I am so grateful it isn't but for a first time mommy it is devastating.  Yes, I know I am not actually a first time mom but, this is my first child to be born breathing so everything is much different this time.  Please keep Canon in your prayers.  We are ready to get home and move forward. 
  While in the hospital for the last two weeks, Easton and Parker's head stone finally came in.  It is beautiful from what I can tell in the pictures but we haven't been able to get home to see it yet.  We miss our boy's now, more than ever...


  1. Canon is so beautiful! I'm glad our prayers were answered and he is doing better. I will still keep you and your family in my prayers.

  2. He is soo precious! Prayers that ya'll make it home soon!


  3. Such a handsome little man! Praying for him to be all better and ready to go home really soon.... the NICU stay must be so frustrating!

  4. What a cutie! It's rough in the NICU in the beginning, lots seems to go wrong in the beginning too, but as you start getting good news things get better and better and the day you get to bring him home will be even better because of everything you've gone through! hang in there! Your family is in our prayers!

  5. He is beautiful! Hope he is feeling better soon.