Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've Got a Mover and Shaker in my belly...

   Yes, friends I am soo happy to be able to say that Canon is on the move in my tummy.  It makes my heart smile and I find my self thinking how in the world do I deserve this miracle growing in my stomach.  The past few days have worried me a tiny bit due to the fact that I have my third UTI infection.  I just finished an antibiotic two weeks ago and am now on yet another.  What is the deal? I know this is common during pregnancy but I had not trouble with this when I was pregnant with our twins.  I don't mind the pain but I do worry about taking antibiotics for the third time because I don't want my sweet boy to have complications because of something I did.  I know he will most likely be perfectly healthy but I guess my mommy instinct is kicking in.  Do you guy's mind doing me a favor?  Please pray that these medications do not affect Canon.  I have researched for at least two hours to make sure this will not hurt him but still I worry.  I do appreciate all of the sweet comments and prayers.  Canon has our heart and I just want him to get here healthy and happy.  We are six days away from when I delivered Easton and Parker.  My anxiety is actually getting better because I know in my heart that Canon will be just fine and healthy. 

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