Friday, September 2, 2011

Appt. with Specialist and 18 week update...

Our appt. with the specialist was amazing!  Canon is doing fabulous and growing like a weed.  He still measures ahead, so we are pretty sure we will have a January baby instead of February.  We are so blessed and give God all of the glory for our sweet boy.  Of course we still have small worries about the next few weeks.  We are only one week away from where we were when I had the twins. This makes my heart hurt and of course gives me slight anxiety.  I've never been more than five months pregnant so can't imagine actually making it to twenty weeks or twenty five weeks for that matter.  We were told that if we at least made it to thirty two weeks there would be a 100% survival rate.  Lord please let us make it to forty weeks although I feel at ease that he would be just fine if born a little earlier. My placenta is considered low lying right now which at first made me a little nervous but the Dr. explained that it would likely move up and cause no trouble.  If it were to stay where it is i would be diagnosed with Placenta Previa which would cause me to have a section.  I don't mind as long as Canon is ok.  Basically, the placenta covers the cervix and doesn't allow the baby to come out if you has Placenta Previa.  If he were to be born naturally there would be a problem with hemorrhaging so a c-section is the way to go.  Anyway, like I said, the Dr. thinks it will only get better as we go through the pregnancy and that it will not even be an issue.  He said it can only get better and higher up instead of lower, so we should be just fine.  That is our update for now.  We go back on September 22nd to have my cervix checked again but we think it will still be perfect.  I think we will see the specialist every three weeks from here on out.  This does keep my mind at ease I have to say.  I'll see my regular doctor again on the 14th , but this will just be a routine appt.  Thanks so much for keeping up with us! 


  1. Good news!!!

    Love The Arizona Slaters!

  2. Congrats on a great doctor visit! I'll be praying for you placenta (ha, I'm not sure I've ever uttered those words before :). I know that it would be wonderful to have one less thing to worry about!

    Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!