Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Past Year

   So, so much has changed since the last time that I blogged! I believe I was only four months or so in to my pregnancy with sweet Justice. Our fourth son, Justice Trenton McCoy arrived on May 22, 2013. Our lives have changed so much and we are having so much fun raising our two precious boy's. I am not sure if anyone has even viewed my blog in a year or so since I got so terrible with updating but maybe in the future I'll do better....Just maybe. Here are a few pictures from Justice's big debut!

   My sweet Canon is growing and learning more everyday. He will be two in December and it seems as if the days are passing so quickly that I have a hard time remembering him being a little bitty baby. He is such a great big brother and is constantly hugging and kissing Justice. He keeps us entertained and there is never a dull moment! God has blessed Trent and I so much and we are so grateful to be given the chance to parent our two sons.

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