Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just Another Day...

Hey guys, how is every one doing? Canon, Trent, and I are doing well.  Not very much has been going on since our last post.  Were still just spending our days playing and eating and playing some more.  Canon is growing so fast and I can't seem to remember his first days. He is going on eight months now and is now sitting up like a big boy and wanting so bad to scoot but still can't quite figure it out. 
   All of my friends tell me that the days get easier as your baby gets older but I am not sure this is true for us.  Canon knows how to play us now and wants constant attention.  He will sit with his arms in the air and cry if I don't pick him up. Trent fusses at me and tells me to let him cry more and not give in to him but I can't stand to see him sad.  Does any one have any ideas on how to get him to want to play more instead of being held 24/7? Don't get me wrong, I would hold him all day but there are other things that must be done such as me having a shower and washing bottles, dishes, clothes etc.  I don't know about you but I find these things pretty hard to do with an eighteen pound baby on my hip.
  I find my self thinking of ideas for his first birthday party and I still can't believe that my tiny baby is closer to being one than he is a newborn.  Next thing I know, he will be going to school and not allowing me to hug and kiss him.  I wish sometimes that time would just slow down and that my baby would stay little forever.  Can you tell that I am a tad bit in love with this precious bundle?

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  1. Aiden went through that too and I found that it was a phase. He just wants reassurance that you both will be there if he needs you. He will become more independent soon!