Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long Overdue Update...

It's been a while since I have sat down and taken the time to update you guys.  We've been pretty busy lately, if you can imagine ( a little more busy than we would like to be).  We are going to the doctor on average twice a week.  I am not sure if I mentioned before but Canon has a hemangioma on the front of his neck.  Usually they are a small red birth mark that can double and even triple in size by the time the baby is nine months old.  Canon's began as two tiny, red, flat dots and has more than quadrupled in size and is now raised and growing bigger every few days. His is called a compound hemangioma due to the fact that it is not only growing on the outside but the inside also.  This is cause for concern since it is right in front of his airway. Most hemangioma's go away by the time the child is two and for sure by the time they are ten, therefore doctor's usually elect to let them grow larger then shrink again on there own.  We thought this was exactly what we would do until we were faced with the fact that it could possibly begin pushing on his airway.  With him having apnea already this could be a HUGE ordeal. We were told that an ENT in the Monroe area would check on it for us and maybe do an MRI and then we would see a specialist in the next weeks or months...This was last  Thursday.  I got a call Friday telling me that no doctor's in the area would look at him or even begin to treat him due to his age and their lack of expertise dealing with hemangioma's.  We are now being sent to New Orleans with hopes that the ENT there can figure out some sort of treatment to shrink it or at least tell us that we shouldn't be worried, if not we will be sent to Children's Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. We were assured that Dr. Miller, in New Orleans has dealt with this sort of thing numerous times and should be able to again. 
  On a different note, Canon had his last dose of caffeine on March 1st. It has been nerve racking to say the least. We keep him on his monitor all the times to be sure he is still breathing.  He should have another sleep study within the next two weeks or so when we get back from New Orleans.  Other than these two issue's and a few tummy troubles he is doing GREAT and growing to be a big boy. At our last doctor's appt. he was 10 lbs. 10 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long. At birth he was 6 lbs. 4 oz. and 20 inches long. He is quite the chunk and so sweet.  I want to eventually tell you about the night he was born but that's a long story in itself.  It was a pretty big surprise to have him arrive so quickly when we thought we had 6 weeks left.  Please keep praying for our little man and I will let you know how his appt. goes in New Orleans next week.

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  1. What a handsome boy! Glad things are going well!