Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Few Pictures

Sweet boy loves bath time

We are still here and doing well and everything is still about the same! Canon is pretty much crawling and can now play pat a cake by him self and wave bye.  He really amazes us more  and more every day.  We went for his nine month check up the other day and he was in the 50th % for weight and the 95th for height.  Our boy is going to be a tall one. 
 We got canon's first Halloween costume and he is going to be a dinosaur.  We can't wait to take him to our local Prairie Street Prowl.  We are pretty excited.  I'm sure he will think were nuts for putting that crazy get up on him but we will enjoy it.  I'll be sure to upload some pictures of our little dino. 
 Sorry to bore you guys but like I always say, not very much changes in our life.  I feel like we get up each day and do pretty much the same thing over and over! Hopefully pretty soon I'll have something more interesting to talk about!
Sweet boy loved the pumpkin patch