Sunday, September 9, 2012

Same Ole, Same Ole

Sweetest LOVE

Ready for church

Our family is doing well!  Canon is going on 9 months old and amazes us more and more each day.  He is jabbering all the time now, sitting up well, and trying to figure this crawling thing out. He is perfect to us and has the sweetest personality.  Our love for him continues to grow each passing day. 
  I have decided to do his first birthday, Mickey Mouse Club House theme.  He loves Mickey and cackles when he heres him sing.  I am so excited that he is growing up and learning new things every day.  I was concerned that he would lag a little behind being a 34 weeker but he is mastering all the tasks that he should at this point.  Not much has changed lately and I find it hard to update since our daily life tends to repeat the same thing every day.  I guess this is a good thing though because we are continuing to do great. God continues to bless our family and we are so thankful.