Saturday, July 30, 2011

13 Weeks and a few pics...

  Here are a few pics that I took at twelve weeks.  Yes, I know I am growing very fast with this baby but the doctor says it is very normal because of muscle memory.  Only two more weeks until we find out what the specialist has to say and possibly find out what were having.  We are so excited and amazed by the miracle of pregnancy.  I would have cherished and loved Easton and Parker with my entire being but after losing them I realize how quickly things can change.  Trent and I are so in love with our little one already and are so appreciative to God for our miracle. I can't believe I am going to be a mother of three.  Did I tell you our names yet?  I can't remember if I did but our girl's name is Maryn Georgia and our boy name is Harper Trenton.  We would call a little girl Georgia.  Mary is my grandmother's name and Georgia is Trent's grandmother's name so we decided to name a little girl after them.  Of course Harper Trenton would be named after his daddy, Trent.

12 weeks!

Monday, July 25, 2011

12 weeks 2 days

  Baby is still doing well. I had some pics to upload from the ultrasound but I am at a friend's house and I forget them at my house.  I am for sure starting to show now and at night my stomach swells so big that I am sure I look four months pregnant.  I have only gained three pounds so I am not sure why I am growing so quickly.  I will try soon to update the ultrasound pics of our sweet baby and I have a few tummy shot's also. This pregnancy seems to be flying by which makes me very happy but to think I have 27 weeks left to make it to 40 weeks is kind of nerve wracking. I am sure this pregnancy will be just fine and I know the specialist will prove this to us on the 15th.  Please keep the prayers coming, we greatly appreciate them!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

11 Weeks, 6 Days...

   Our appointment went very well today and we are thrilled.  Baby McCoy was so wiggly that it was hard to get its heartbeat but when we did it was a healthy 170.  All seems to be well with him/her.  We will see a specialist on August 15th and he will be looking for signs of preterm labor and thinning of the cervix. If this happens then I will immediately have a cerclage done and will most likely take shots until at least 31 weeks to hold off labor.  Please keep us in your prayers and pray that we only receive good news.  We want to go with Trent's family to Gulf Shores mid August but we have our appointment scheduled for three days before we leave to make sure that it will be safe for me to go.  If we can't, no big deal because obviously the well being of our baby comes first, but it would be a great time. Thanks to everyone who has been praying.  We truly appreciate all of the thoughts.  I will let you know how we keep progressing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

11 weeks!

   Saturday I will be 11 weeks along with our little one.  Everything is going great.  I am still sick pretty much all day everyday but I know that must mean everything is going smoothly.  My entire family and all of my friends including Trent and I, still think this sweet love is a girl.  Although, I thought Easton and Parker would be girls too and they definitely weren't so my guesser may be a little off.  Either way we are thrilled.  My tummy is growing much quicker this time which I'm thinking means I may gain weight a lot faster with this one.  With the twins, I didn't gain a pound until my 14th week but according to my friends scales I have put on a few already.  I have had some sort of growing pains that I thought were a urinary tract infection but the doctor says there is no infection and she thinks I am just growing really quick because of muscle memory from when I was pregnant with the twins.  In the mornings I don't seem to be showing but by evening I look four months pregnant.  My food seems to have no where to go and I am constantly hungry.  Trent laughs at how much I can eat because every hour I say I am wanting another snack.  If things keep going as they are I may need to be on a diet before the third trimester.  I will try to update again soon but right now I am going to eat some chocolate chip cookies!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


   I don't know about you guys but one of my biggest pet peeves is to hear a pregnant person with a perfectly healthy baby boy/girl on the way to gripe about what gender their new baby is.  So, here's a story for all of you that I'm sure will have you thinking the exact same thing that I was as I sat in the doctor's office with my sweet friend the other day.  
   I went with one of my friends to the baby doctor for her 25 check up last week.  While sitting in the doctor's office a young girl comes out from the back with ultrasound pictures in hand.  As she took her seat to wait for the second part of her appt. she began to cry.  We obviously all thought something was terribly wrong as she picked up the phone to make one of three phone calls as she sat, while all the expecting mother's listened to her conversation.  Although it wasn't our business, we couldn't help but hear that everyone she called, the first thing she said was, "you are not going to be happy just like everyone else because we are not having a boy, it's a girl".  I almost threw up in my chair.  How, at such a joyous time could you sit in a waiting room full of people and cry about your unborn babies gender.  As she called the third person I heard her say "Yes, it's healthy but it's not a boy". Then her boyfriend/baby's daddy sits down and she ask's him is he really ok with a girl and his response was, "It's not what I wanted but I guess we can't always get what we want".  At this point every beside me was furious to say the least.  Little did she know, that me, a mother expecting twins, gave birth to not one but two dead children less than a year ago.  My sweet friend that I mentioned who was beside me... Well she suffered two terrible miscarriages and now has special needs twins that are precious that she has since adopted.  On the other side of my friend, a young lady expecting her first daughter, and at 25 weeks along, she hadn't felt her move in three days.  She was there for an ultrasound to see if her daughter was still alive.  So, plenty of people were affected by this selfish girl's gripes of having a little girl.  I don't know about other people but I would give my right arm and leg for a healthy girl, or boy for that matter.  After losing my twins I can't imagine anything better than the thought of a little girl.  We could care less.  I wanted to say, until you've gone to pick out caskets for your child and had to pick out what they would be buried in, then I don't want to hear you gripe about having a girl.  Sure, we all have thoughts was what gender baby would fit best in our family and I'll tell you I have even said it would be so neat to have a girl since we had two boys etc. but I will NEVER cry even if I end of with five girls or five boys.  I'll get what I get, in case some are unaware, you really can't choose the sex of your baby....I'm just saying.